Joint European Torus (JET)

Joint European Torus (JET)

Project Summary




23 years


The European Fusion Programme aims to develop magnetic confinement fusion as a new, clean source of safe and environmentally friendly energy, as an abundant power source for the future. JET (Joint European Torus) is the flagship of the programme: built in 1983 and located at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Abingdon, as well as being the largest experimental machine in the world for research into fusion it is the only experiment world-wide to operate with the deuterium-tritium fuel mixture of a future commercial fusion power station.

JET was originally scheduled to cease operation in the 1990s, but a replacement facility in France is still not complete, and JET is guaranteed funding until 2020.    

The Project

The main source of power for establishing the magnetic fields required for inducing and confining the plasma current in the machine consists of the two identical Flywheel-Generator-Convertor (FGC) systems. 

At the heart of each system is a 409.8 MVA fly-wheel ALSTOM generator, with its own auxiliaries including oil systems, air-cooling system, pony motor, excitation equipment, LV distribution for supply of auxiliaries and HV distribution for generator excitation and pony motor drive.

For the last thirty plus years, Quartzelec has provided the total operation and support for the JET magnet power supplies. Seven, Quartzelec members of staff currently make-up the on-site team, fully dedicated to ensuring the project’s smooth and continuous operation.

Our extensive experience and expertise, combined with our continuously demonstrated responsiveness and effectiveness, ensures the continued co-ordinated operation of all of the power supplies for the JET machine.

Quartzelec Ltd is proud to be involved in the search for our future energy source! 


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