When a drive fault onboard a vessel prevented sailing – Quartzelec stepped up

19 August 2021

When a commercial Norwegian registered vessel berthed at Aberdeen, needed assistance with a fault on a Thruster Motor drive that had been identified during a routine survey, it called upon Quartzelec to provide the necessary support.

Attending the same day, Quartzelec consulted with the on‑board team to discuss the problems encountered so far. After performing initial electrical checks, fault codes were identified which helped narrow down the probable fault.

The ship's engineers contacted the drive OEM who could not supply a service engineer to support but did offer remote technical assistance to help us identify that the DSU (Diode Supply Unit) required replacing but that this part was now obsolete.

A new custom-built replacement was manufactured and shipped ‘special delivery’ on a chartered flight from Norway whilst Quartzelec and ships engineer removed the faulty equipment and made preparation for the replacement. On arrival of the new unit, Quartzelec were on hand to install the drive, clearing all the faults.

“Everyone on-board was really motivated to get this fixed as quickly as possible as they could not return to their scheduled project with the faulty drive and any delay would hugely impact on operations costs,” explained Paul Oliver, Business Manager for Quartzelec Aberdeen. “The OEM provided the necessary instructions on how to best go about removing the faulty part, and our team drew upon their broader electrical drive experience to get the vessel fixed and underway as quickly as possible; collectively we delivered a first rate and expedient solution and managed expectations at each stage of the process.” 

As one of its key market sectors with a wealth of experience and expertise to the marine industry, Quartzelec provides a broad range of electrical services to commercial, passenger and military marine customers, regardless of size or OEM.



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