Quartzelec installs ‘state-of-the-art’ loop winder, Roebel assembly line and coil forming equipment at its new purpose built Rugby plant

12 February 2013

Quartzelec has just completed the first phase of a £1.25m investment programme in its coil manufacturing business, Quartzcoil that will enable the business to meet growing customer demand for all coil and bar products.

A state-of-the-art electrical loop winder, Roebel bar assembly and coil forming equipment, have all just been installed, at its multi-million pound, purpose built workshop and test facility in Rugby which opened for business in September 2012.

Quartzcoil is a leading supplier of electrical windings for a wide range of high voltage AC/DC motor and generator applications supplying both independent service providers and the OEM’s, for the power generation, utilities, oil and gas and metals and mining industries.

The new equipment, manufactured to order by Gemo-tec & Vincent Industrie, arrived in Rugby in early February 2013 and took just five days to install and commission, as a result of providing a detailed specification and comprehensive pre-delivery testing. This ensured that the machines were production capable from the outset, enabling efficient loop winding (inc. turn tape), bar Roebel assembly and high precision coil and bar forming.

Quartzcoil worked closely with Gemo-tec & Vincent Industrie to ensure the equipment was tailored to meet the specific needs of the client base, establishing the next genus of this technology. Definition of the specific parameters of the coil manufacturing business and identification of that which the market was seeking in terms of the deliverables, technical innovations and capability were built into the product at the design stage.

Quartzcoil General Manager, Kevin Goodwin commented, “The validation tests and progress trials on the new machinery exceeded all expectations. As a business we are excited to see the new equipment arrive into our purpose built facility and we look forward to building upon this significant investment into our business as we look to drive it forward.”

This investment in high technology manufacturing equipment will enable Quartzelec to offer higher service levels to its clients in addition to making Quartzcoil a dominant, independent coil manufacturing business in Europe. This new technology will also enable Quartzelec to increase market penetration, providing its clients with the highest possible, repeatable quality standard whilst achieving an optimum efficient production process. Completion of this phase of investment ensures Quartzelec has the ability to manufacture small and medium turbo bars and stator bars at up to 6m in length for the power generation and hydro electricity markets.

A wealth of experience, knowledge and an extensive skills base allows Quartzcoil to provide innovative solutions to all technical winding problems, manufacturing to the highest of standards, using state-of-the-art processes and materials. Producing coils to client specifications and drawings or re-engineering a solution from existing samples.

With insulation systems, manufacturing processes and testing procedures instrumental in setting industry standards, combined with extensive experience, knowledge and skills base gained in specialist applications, Quartzcoil has established an enviable reputation for continually providing the highest quality and service.

As a leading engineering authority with state-of-the-art production facilities and over 80 years of experience and technical expertise, Quartzelec has the ability to design, manufacture, repair, refurbish and rewind large, project critical motors and generators, relying on its extensive library of design drawings and a full design department. Maintenance and service of rotating electrical machines and associated plant is also a key part of the business. This in addition to manufacturing complete high voltage machines, as well as redesign and re-rate of existing electrical machines.

Quartzelec will be exhibiting at Powergen Europe in Vienna, 4-6 June 2013, promoting the capabilities of the Quartzcoil business.

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