Uptake in Quartzelec’s Test & Inspection services during Covid-19 lockdown

21 October 2020

Compliance with regulations and ensuring safety of personnel and assets requires a regular inspection and testing programme. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown Quartzelec has reported an increase in demand for its Test and Inspection services as customers have used this time  to strengthen their systems and be better placed to deliver robust and safe operations. 

“Combining a pro-active maintenance regime with a well-conceived and implemented T&I programme is vital for companies wanting to remain both competitive and operate safely,” stated Craig Regan, Quartzelec’s Business Unit Manager for Building Services Maintenance and responsible for all T&I services. “Over previous years there was a trend within some companies to minimise preventative maintenance on their electrical equipment, due mainly to tight budgets and the necessity to concentrate on maximising production time. The enforced shutdown this Spring gave many the opportunity to evaluate their operations and to plan and implement inspection and maintenance initiatives. As a direct result we have seen a significant leap in requests for our support services and expertise.”  

Quartzelec ongoingly provides inspection and testing of electrical installations to BS7671 including certification as well as delivering electrical condition reporting, backed up by detailed testing results and appropriate recommendations that include cost effective solutions to rectify non-compliance.  The Quartzelec team is also able to operate within Ex hazardous areas providing inspection and full certification to BS EN 60079-17: 2014 and IEC 60079-17:2013 and regularly undertakes land based, marine and offshore equipment inspection, maintenance and repair services, with full reporting and traceability.  

For full peace of mind, find out how Quartzelec can support your electrical installations (including Ex equipment) with the implementation of a T&I programme, please get in touch at info.uk@quartzelec.com or check out the latest brochure, available to download from https://bit.ly/34SOAHt



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