Quartzteq’s new QRC40 Partial Discharge sensor – a welcome addition to its LIFEVIEW® condition monitoring suite of solutions – proving small is practical

1 June 2021

Quartzteq’s LIFEVIEW® condition monitoring solution is a flexible, modular, and is a proven approach to evaluating the health of rotating electrical assets. Offering both online and offline monitoring options, with an assortment of sensors and modules that measure multiple parameters, the range has just been enhanced further with the release of the QRC40 sensor ATEX, IECEx and UKCA certified, for partial discharge monitoring.

For high voltage machines in an Ex environment, where typical terminations are HV power cables and bushings and where partial discharge monitoring is a fundamental requirement – the Quartzteq LIFEVIEW® sensor of choice would be the QRC Rogowski Coil; perfect for where ease of access is paramount thanks to its split construction.

Quartzteq’s QRC85 Rogowski Coil, is a sensor that was developed to fit on machines with Euromold Terminals or around a cable with diameter up to 85mm and to measure Partial Discharge from motor or generator windings. Now, proving small is also practical, Quartzteq has just released the QRC40 sensor; specifically developed to fit around smaller cables with a diameter up to 40mm.

Designed for continuous use, up to 2000 A rms on the primary supply side, the QRC40 and its larger QRC85 Rogowski Coil counterpart, both acquire the high current pulses that are generated by Partial Discharge from high voltage rotating machines.  Each comprises two wound coils potted into aluminum casings with the casings being secured together to create a full circle enabling them to be installed around in-situ high voltage power cables and bushing including Euromold connectors.  As well as being ATEX and IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas, both sensors have also received UKCA Certification in line with regulations post-Brexit.  

“By Introducing the QRC40 we have opened up access for Partial Discharge monitoring to many more applications and users,” stated Seoras Shaw, Product Manager for Quartzteq. “Both the newly developed QRC40 and the optimised QRC85 have been certified and are now in production. The smaller 40mm form factor was a significant challenge for our highly knowledgeable and experienced engineering team but their dedication to the development of the QRC40 resulted in a performance boost and clear upgrade path for the larger 85mm diameter QRC85.”




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