Quartzelec receives commendation AS THEY HELP KEEP TATA’s Sinter Plant up and running

12 December 2023

When a critical six-tonnes gearbox failed at Tata Steel’s Sinter Plant in Port Talbot early on a Sunday morning in OCTOBER, Quartzelec received an urgent call for assistance. So when the fully repaired and reassembled unit was returned to the site by the following Wednesday afternoon, the highly delighted client issued a letter of commendation, recognising the team for going above and beyond.

Early on a Sunday morning in October, our Swansea business unit received an urgent call to say that a critical six-ton gearbox at Tata Steel’s Sinter Plant in Port Talbot had failed. No spare was available, so the plant faced a potentially lengthy shutdown, seriously impacting production.

An experienced Quartzelec team attended site and removed the gearbox, returning it to its Swansea workshop facilities, where the night shift completely stripped it down and diagnosed the fault. 

Despite the ageing gearbox being of a size not normally supported by the Swansea unit, they quickly identified a large brass sleeve as being damaged, this was removed and a machined modification within tight tolerances, was completed there and then. The gearbox was then reassembled, tested and delivered back to site just 72 hours later, earning huge gratitude and a letter of commendation from the customer.

Swansea Business Manager Simon O’Leary told Quartzexpress: “We have built an excellent relationship with Tata Steel over recent years, helping maintain numerous critical electrical and mechanical systems at Port Talbot, Trostre and Llanwern sites. Having skilled engineers that can diagnose and solve a problem is one of our key strengths, which is why many of our customers operating older, generic and modified motors, generators, and bespoke electrical systems come to us in the first place for our unrivalled expertise and support.”  

Meghan Evans, Sourcing Lead - Procurement at Tata Steel Europe added: “The level of service and support we consistently receive from the Quartzelec team is first rate. So when this unanticipated ‘out of specification’ failure occurred, we requested their assistance and their response was exemplary; which is why we were delighted to recognise them with a letter of commendation for going above and beyond.”



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