Quartzelec investment in test facilities at Kuala Lumpur facility

24 October 2018

Quartzelec, a leading independent electrical engineering service provider and a globally recognised expert in rotating electrical machines, has just completed a USD­‑110K upgrade of the test facilities at its joint venture business, Maser & Quartzelec Services Sdn Bhd (MQ) facility in Kuala Lumpur.

“HV motor, generator and transformer testing was until recently restricted by the originally installed step‑up transformer, limited to achieving 10A at 11,000V,” stated Matt Brown, General Manager of Quartzelec’s operations in Malaysia. “Our investment in a 1000kVA step‑up transformer enables us to achieve 52A at 11,000V meaning we are now able to meet customers’ FAT specifications and retain work that was previously having to be transported out of Malaysia”

The investment further secures Maser Quartzelec’s position in Malaysia as well as the SE Asia region as a leading supplier to heavy industry. Large asset owners can now benefit from the added assurance that their machines have been performance tested prior to them being sent back to site.  “Maser Quartzelec already had significant large machine service capacity with its 50t cranage, 32t balancing capabilities and 34kV static HV test equipment. The recent investment now ensures asset owners have a reliable and capable service partner in Malaysia who can performance test their electrical machines, thus reducing the potential cost through reduced transport and import/export duties. Additionally it reduces the added risk of asset damage/loss due to overseas freight incidents.”

Further safety features have also been incorporated into the test upgrade with additional emergency stops buttons, zero-start interlocking, ground fault detection, external interlocking, HV interlocks and visual and audible warning indicators. 

Full Test specification

Output Voltages (AC) –

  • 415V @ 1391A
  • 1000V @ 577A
  • 3300V @ 175A
  • 6600V @ 87A
  • 11000V @ 52A

Additionally, for large motors and generators it was previously only possible to perform online partial discharge measurements on site or via static offline testing using the Quartzteq VLF Power source. The greater test capability now enables Maser Quartzelec to perform online PD condition monitoring of electrical machines whilst at full rotational speed and voltage upon receipt and after service, therefore showcasing any significant condition trend changes for pre/post service and future asset trend analysis.



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