Quartzelec confirms their support for two UK National Charities for the year ahead

17 September 2021

As a diverse engineering service group with many business interests based at and working at multiple geographical sites around the UK, we consider it paramount to respect the various wider communities in which we operate.

The strength of our organisation and our brand is inextricably linked with the quality of our service and our people, and our day-to-day conduct in dealing with our customers, partners, colleagues and other stakeholders.

For 2021/2022 Quartzelec are proud to announce their support of two National UK charities for the year ahead:

  • The Smallpeice Trust: Giving young people an opportunity to fuel their passion for engineering, helping to make their big ideas a reality
  • The Trussell Trust: Aiming to build a hunger free future for everyone

At Group Level, Quartzelec will be supporting The Smallpeice Trust in providing STEM Kits to multiple schools around the UK – encouraging students to fully immerse themselves in a design and build challenge, putting their engineering skills to the test.

And our decision to support The Trussell Trust for the year ahead has been equally embraced by our employees across the UK, with a network of #QuartzelecPeople already organising a number of initiatives to support the growing need for emergency food support to people in crisis. 

We look forward to sharing updates on these initiatives over the next 12 months.

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