TECHNICAL WEBINAR: Generator Rotor Winding ‘Inter-Turn’ Faults

TECHNICAL WEBINAR: Generator Rotor Winding ‘Inter-Turn’ Faults

Date: Thursday 14th May 2020

Time: 09:00 // 14:30 BST

Presenters: Wojciech Betlej // Andrea Vona // Stephen Densley

Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of what causes inter-turn faults? Would you also like to find out; whether all inter-turn faults are critical; if rotor interturn faults always cause increase in shaft vibration; what on-line tests are available to help you in your rotor diagnostic regime and why they are so difficult to detect?

Join us on Thursday 14th May when our team will deliver specific and unique on-line training designed to increase your knowledge and assist with safer operation of your generators.

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