TECHNICAL TRAINING - Review of Motion Amplification: Video Based Vibration Analysis Tool

Date: Thursday 11th June 2020

Time: 09:30 // 14:30 BST

Presenters: tony croucher // Wojciech Betlej // Andrea Vona // Stephen Densley


Join us on Thursday 11th June when our team will give an insight into this state-of-the-arttechnology which can measure vibration; exposing complexity and interactions not visible using traditional measuring techniques nor to the naked eye. We will belooking at:

  • measuring components that could be missed during standard inspection
  • zooming into component detail
  • transient events;  load changes and low frequency faults
  • analysis including FFT, Time waveform, motion vectors
  • shaft inspection function
  • hazardous components or those out of reach

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