Hamilton helps to keep the whisky flowing

7 January 2021

When before Xmas one of Scotland’s leading producers of blended whiskies, was reporting erratic outages at its Glasgow bottling hall, an initial maintenance services visit culminated in a substantial retrofit of over current protection relay and maintenance on all of the assembly’s switchgear.

The retrofit route was to prove the most cost-effective solution in terms of finance and productivity as not only were the continuous outages causing serious production (and hence revenue) losses, but the ongoing cost of maintenance and support would have been prohibitive due to the nature and frequency of the work required, and the obsolete products no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Our project scope was like for like replacement, including controls and building management systems from the security gatehouse to the overflow system safety pumps.

The retrofit was scheduled over a 12-hour shift with a team of eight from our Hamilton unit. It had not been possible to shut down production for dimensioning of the necessary copper work, so some items were partially fabricated offsite before installation, while others had to be completely fabricated onsite. Planning and execution were complex, but the retrofit was completed in the time allocated and all testing successful. The client was very happy with the works completed and now has confidence that the previous interruptions to production are a thing of the past. In the meantime, the whisky continues to flow as intended – but just in time for Xmas!



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