Rotor winding protection for synchronous machines


Lack of maintenance, operational knowledge or monitoring systems can cause catastrophic failures in large machines and with this in mind, our experts have designed a state of the art system which provides protection, operational information and ongoing monitoring, allowing detection of early signs of deterioration.

ATEX certified, the Rotoguard is a telemetry system designed for monitoring and protecting the rotor winding of synchronous machines. It enables a true measure of fault resistance from 50kΩ to 500Ω to be made, without any influence from the DC field component of excitation. By giving an early warning of deterioration of the rotor insulation and providing a continuous readout of the rotor earth leakage resistance and winding temperature, the system forms the basis for an ideal protection scheme for synchronous machine rotors.

The Rotoguard is marketed under our Quartzteq brand and more detailed information can be found on the Quartzteq website.

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